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Uncensored First Release
Region: Worldwide

Censored Re-Release
Rating: E
Region: Worldwide

Release: Dec 26, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: Gladion
Small video games publisher PopCap released a Towerdefense-game on the market that literally burst with creativity and humour with Plants vs. Zombies. You had to defend yourself against a zombie apocalypse - with plants! Instead of chainsaws and guns, you had to use walnuts and pea throwers to fight against the living dead. There were a handful of different levels and a load of different zombies, additionally a few little minigames. Especially the funny design helped the game becoming a hit very quickly.

In summer 2010, though, PopCap received a writing from Michael Jackson's administration of inheritance, asking to remove the so-called "Dancing Zombie", a hommage to Michael Jackson's portrayal from the music video of "thriller". PopCap did not resist at all and accepted the request. An update would replace the Dancing Zombie with the so-called Disco Zombie (still named Dancing Zombie in-game, but for clarification, the report keeps differentiating between the two). The following releases, for example the "Game of the Year"-Edition, would have the Dancing Zombie removed. The so-called Background Dancer Zombies have also been redesigned.

The gameplay has not been changed at all. The Dancing Zombie attacked by dancing his way into the game, standing still for a moment and then summoning four dancer-zombies around him. He would dance his way further and repeat this procedure until he was killed (or the player was overrun, of course). The zombies only gut a new model. Both the sound sample that is played as well as the way of attacking remained the same. Instead of the Thriller-dance, they perform a disco dance Saturday Night Fever-style.
The Almanach
The almanach is some sort of reference book in the game, in which you can take a look at all the unlocked plants and enemies. The zombie was replaced here, too, of course.

Same goes for the Background Dancer Zombies.

Naturally, all the mini-portraits of the zombie and his dancers in the almanach's overview.

Dancing ZombieDisco Zombie

During the pauses in a level, which takes place after two big attack waves, you see the Disco Zombie and not the Dancer Zombie any more.

Dancing Zombie

Disco Zombie

On the left the summoning of the Dancing Zombie, on the right the one of the Disco Zombie.

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