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Terror at the Opera

original title: Opera


  • International Export Version
  • Italian Original Version
Release: Aug 28, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the international export version and the Italian original version. Both versions are contained on the BBFC 18 DVD by Arrow Video.

11 minutes and 36 seconds are missing within 19 scenes.

The VHS version for the international market of Dario Argento's outstanding work "Terror at the Opera" was cut by 12 minutes in several plot scenes. The Italian long version and the international version can both be found on the BBFC 18 DVD by Arrow Video.
3 Min
Giulia walks on the stage and complains about Marc's ideas.
4 sec

10 Min
Some extras are running around hectically behind the stage. Some other people are shown, among them Betty, who is getting ready for her performance, which will follow soon after. After that, we see the killer ascending some stairs in the opera and walking towards a door, but from his own perspective.
73.5 sec

12 Min
A shot of Betty singing in front of the audience and of the killer dropping his binoculars.
6 sec

15 Min
After Betty's performance there's a scene change to Alma, who has just watched Betty on TV. She praises her performance and says that she has been quite wonderful. Mara Cecova has also seen Betty's performance on TV and she's angry, because she was to be the one doing the performance, but wasn't able to due to her leg being in a cast after the accident. She throws her glass of champagne in anger against the TV. He friend tells her to calm down.
15.5 sec

16 Min
Betty enters her dressing room, where Giulia is already waiting for her. After she has closed the door, the camera slowly moves towards it until Giulia opens it again. She praises Betty excessively while she is leaving. Betty gets angry at Marc after Giulia has left.
26.5 sec

18 Min
There's a knock on the door after Betty and Stefano have kissed in the dressing room. An envoy of Mara enters, hands Betty a present and gives Mara's regards to her. Betty opens the present and finds a perfume bottle and a little card, which says "Good luck, little Snake". She throws away the card, opens the perfume bottle and smells at it. She makes a disgusted face and gives the bottle to Stefano, who doesn't like the smell, either. They walk over to the basin and Betty pours away the perfume. Stefano bows down a little and then acts as if he couldn't breathe anymore. Betty asks him apprehensively what's wrong with him. He stops after a while and says that he just wanted to scare her. They both start laughing. After that Giulia bursts into the room, makes a face because of the disgusting smell and says that Mara Cecova is bathing in this stuff. She takes a costume from the rack and leaves again. Betty and Stefano gaze after her.
85 sec

37 Min
Marc and his girlfriend are in his apartment, reading the negative reviews about his work in the newspaper. His girlfriend is surprised at him being so calm, because the last time he read negative reviews about his directing, he completely lost it. So she asks him if he just wants to sleep with Betty, which he only answers with a slight smile.
54.5 sec

40 Min
Giulia enters the costume room holding Betty's cut up dress. Betty comes in shortly afterwards and Giulia shows her the dress. They both wonder at who could have done this and Giulia suspects that it may have been someone who didn't like Marc's version of Macbeth. Giulia tells Betty that it will take some time to fix the dress. Betty says that she'll be back in a moment and leaves the room.
71 sec

42 Min
Giulia is searching for the magnifying glass a little bit longer.
20 sec

44 Min
The scene of Giulia inspecting the necklace is also longer. She finds a date engraved in the necklace.
13 sec

64 Min
Alma and Betty are crawling longer through the ventilation shafts. There's some dialogue, too:
Betty: What were you doing in here?
Alma: I discovered it! It's the old air conditioning system! I can get to any apartment I want! Are you hungry?
Betty: No, of course not!
They look through the grate into Betty's apartment.
Alma: This apartment is empty! I watch you all the time!
Betty: Really?
Alma: Yes! I like it when you sing! You have a beautiful voice!
Betty: Thank you!
30 sec

64 Min
Again some more shots of them crawling through the ventilation shafts.
Alma: I watched that person tying to kill you tonight!
Betty: Why do you come up here?
Alma: To get away when my parents fight!
Betty: So they hit each other!
A ventilation grate closes. Then we see that the killer is also crawling through the shafts, again from his own perspective.
16.5 sec

64 Min
Betty and Alma are standing longer in the room in front of the opening after they have left the shafts. Some more shots from the killer's perspective follow. Betty looks back into the shaft and sees a shadow approaching. She gets out again and closes the grate.
35 sec

66 Min
Betty and Alma go into the apartment of Alma's parents after they have escaped the killer in the ventilation shafts. Alma's mother's already waiting for her and scolds her for bringing a strange woman with her. Betty wants her to call the police but she only keeps bleating and tells Betty to leave the apartment. Suddenly, Betty looks up at the ventilation shaft and hears a strange creak. She immediately gets out of the apartment. After she has left we hear Alma's mother screaming at her child. Betty goes to the elevator and stands there with a thoughtful face.
62.5 sec

69 Min
Betty enters her dressing room. She walks out of the picture and the camera moves towards some origami figures, which are hanging from the ceiling. Then we see Betty sleeping restlessly on the couch. She's tossing and turning.
32 sec

71 Min
Some shots of the audience, the orchestra and the actors on the stage are missing during the scene in the opera. There's also a shot of Alma and her mother, who are in the audience.
49 sec

72 Min
Several shots of the ravens in the cage and of the surprised audience are missing.
13.5 sec

72 Min
A raven is flying around in the opera hall, while the audience becomes more and more apprehensive.
18 sec

89 Min
Betty is happily walking through the fields and she says in a voice-over that she's different from other people and that she's free now. Moreover, she says that she loves the nature and everything around her, like the clouds, the rain, flowers, and animals. She discovers a lizard in the grass, strokes it with her finger and tells it to go, because it's free now. The lizard crawls away and Betty lays down in the grass.
77.5 sec

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