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Sega Genesis
Region: Europe

Amiga Version
Region: Europe

Release: Jan 15, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Tony Montana
The game "Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf" had originally been programmed for Sega Genesis and ported to several platforms, e.g. for Amiga, PC and SNES. The game was a huge success, several sequels - among them "Jungle Strike" and "Urban Strike" - followed. Basically, the game is about the American war against Arabian Terrorists which need to be stopped by the "Helicopter Special Forces Unit" because they intend to set off a nuclear bomb.
There have never been any bloody effects and yet the game had been altered for its release on Amiga.
Title on Amiga

In the Original Version for Sega Mega Drive, the incarcerated soldiers are being tortured and drowned. This short animation including the torturer smiling for the camera has been altered. In the Amiga Version, the captives are being hold in a cage and guarded by a soldier with a rifle instead. That soldier also fires off a shot up in the air. In the introduction it is being explained that Kilbaba, the leader of the terrorist group, has "shocked" / "threatened" the world. For the Amiga Version, the more explicit word has been chosen.
Hier wurde in der Amiga Version die härtere Wortwahl gewählt.

Amiga Version:Mega Drive Version:

Kilbaba bitchslaps his minion when he disagrees. In either of the versions, the minions are different. In the Original Version, it is an Arab while it is a black guy in the Amiga Version. The phrasing is meaner in the Amiga Version and the friendly employee "admires the plans of his greatness" resp. he agrees with him on his opinion that "his plans might cause the end of all the world". These lines are not in the original Mega Drive Version. A slap in the face during the conversation comes up again in nthe following course of events of the Amiga Version. The Mega Drive Version contains a simple freeze frame instead.

Amiga Version:Mega Drive Version:

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