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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut DVD
Release: Sep 27, 2009 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut german DVD from Kinowelt Home Entertainment (identical to the R-Rated) and the uncut Unrated Director's Cut-DVD from New Line Cinema.

Altogether we have 7 differences with a overall running time of 32 seconds.

2 extended storyline sequences = 30 seconds.
1 cut of violence = 1 second.
4 edits of violence with alternative footage = 1 second.

This outstanding action drama telling of the dangerous life in the Ghetto of Los Angeles has been released worldwide only as a shorter R-Rated version. Only in the USA the so called Unrated Director's Cut was released on Laserdisc. On September 8th this year the DC has been released for the first time on DVD in the USA and on top of that it even contains two more scenes than the Laserdisc did.
8 Min
As Caines father shoots the man sitting in front of him, the last shot is missing in the R-Rated as well as the first bullet exiting the body and chair from the back.
1 Sec.

18 Min
A-Wax approaches the clerk and gives him money for the gas.
12 Sec.

30 Min

The R-Rated contains a shot of Caine and O-Dog running around the corner after the shootout.
+3 Sec.

Unrated Director's Cut:
Here we see A-Wax shooting the gangster two more times and the bullets making their way through him. The shots have been mixed with the shot of Caine and O-Dog from the R-Rated.
1,5 Sec.

R-RatedUnrated Director's Cut

31 Min
A little fight between some dudes takes place. Meanwhile A-Wax searches the junkie for money that the junkie owes him. When he pushes A-Wax away he is thrown to the ground.
18 Sec.

84 Min

How Caine is hit is only shown for a brief moment.
+0,5 Sec

Unrated Director's Cut:
Here we see the whole hit. The briefly shown hit is only seen in the R-Rated.
1 Sec.

R-RatedUnrated Director's Cut

84 Min

A shot of Caine before he is shot a second time.
+0,5 Sec.

Unrated Director's Cut:
Here we see him get shot.
1 Sec

R-RatedUnrated Director's Cut

84 Min

The last two shots are barely recognizable as well.
+0,5 Sec.

Unrated Director's Cut:
Here we see them perfectly.
2 Sec

R-RatedUnrated Director's Cut

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