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Sandhamn Murders, The

1.03 I de lugnaste vatten (3)

original title: Morden i Sandhamn


  • Movie Version
  • Series Version
Release: Dec 15, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Movie Version (German Free TV broadcast on ZDF neo) and the Series Version (German Free TV broadcast on ARTE).

75 differences, among them
- 21 additional scenes
- 48 extended scenes
- 3 additional scenes in the Movie Version
- 1 scene with extended & additional footage
- Length difference: 634.52 sec resp. 10 min 34.52 sec

The Sandham Murders consists of 5 seasons with 3 episodes each. In every season, there is one case that is being solved at the end of the season. In addition to that, there is a shorter Movie Version of each season.

Time index refers to
Movie Version / Series Version
Recap / Opening Credits
01:08:10 / 00:00

Only the Series Version contains a recap, followed by the opening credits.

141.6 sec resp. 2 min 21.6 sec

Extended Scene
01:08:10 / 02:22

The subsequent shot of the dog is longer.

2.04 sec

Extended Scene
01:08:57 / 03:11

A distance shot starts earlier.

1.84 sec

Extended Scene
01:09:25 / 03:40

Henrik and Nora longer.

0.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:09:28 / 03:44

Henrik's conversation with Nora is longer. Only in the Series Version, he tells Nora that she ticked him off.

Henrik's explanation for slapping Nora is longer as well.

Also, she only asks in the Series Version whether or not he had thought his explantion through because it did not seem logical.

The rest of the conversation remains unchanged.

11.72 sec

Additional Scene
01:10:20 / 04:47

Additional shot of Thomas getting out of his car and entering the station.

5.88 sec

Extended Scene
01:11:32 / 06:05

Regarding the bones Anna discovered, Harald asks his wife Monika if he should call the cops. She says no and tells him that he had had enough wine already but he keeps insisting that it could be the bones of a human. She is not buying it though.

15.44 sec

Extended Scene
01:11:56 / 06:45

Nora longer plus Henrik asks Nora to come out.

3.36 sec

Additional Scene
01:12:05 / 06:57

Subsequently, an additional shot of Thomas and Carina.

25.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:12:05 / 07:23

Back to Nora resp. the shot of her starts earlier. In the background, Henrik is knoocking on the door. He still wants Nora to open the door.

11.72 sec

Extended Scene
01:13:55 / 09:24

Henrik earlier.

7.48 sec

Extended Scene
01:14:00 / 09:37

Now Nora.

2.76 sec

Extended Scene
01:14:31 / 10:11

The family insignificantly longer.

0.76 sec

Extended Scene
01:15:57 / 11:37

Slightly longer shot of Thomas and Carina leaving.

0.52 sec

Additional Scene
01:16:00 / 11:41

Additional shot of Thomas and Carina leaving Signe's house.

Two more additional shots of them follow. Thomas has his doubts that the picture was actually taken there but Carina disagrees.

9.12 sec

Extended Scene
01:16:00 / 11:50

The following shot of them starts insignificantly earlier.

0.08 sec

Additional Scene
01:16:35 / 12:25

Carina agrees with Thomas. Then Thomas says Carina would make a great cop some day.
In the Movie Version, Carina's comment (when she agrees with Thomas) is audible at the end of the pervious (identical) shot of Thomas.

8.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:16:52 / 12:50

Simon slightly longer.

0.36 sec

Extended Scene
01:16:56 / 12:55

The shot of Nora and Anna starts earlier. Nora asks her daughter if she had been scared when she had been hiding in the whole. Anna nods and Nora asks why. Anna's response that she had been scared because of the skeleton down there is also in the Movie Version.

7.88 sec

Additional Scene
01:17:33 / 13:40

Nora gets outside and tells Henrik about the skeleton but he is not listening and asks instead if she could carry one of the chairs upstairs. Nora then leaves.

13.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:18:10 / 14:30

Nora longer.

2 sec

Extended Scene
01:18:20 / 14:42

Thomas earlier.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:18:39 / 15:02

Thomas and Carina longer.

2.16 sec

Extended Scene
01:19:41 / 16:06

Thomas and Nora earlier.

2.84 sec

Extended Scene
01:20:06 / 16:34

Thomas and Nora longer. In the Series Version, Thomas also says he could not believe that Nora had become a financial lawyer because he remembered her much more casual.

3.16 sec

Extended Scene
01:20:57 / 17:29

The shot of Thomas looking at the skeleton when Nora kneels next to him to check it out for herself starts earlier. Only in the Series Version, Thomas determines that the skeleton was not made of plastic.

2.2 sec

Extended Scene / Additional Scene
01:21:04 / 17:38

Thomas longer after Nora runs off.

Then an additional exterior shot.

The Movie Version fades to black after the (shorter) shot of Thomas. Then the Movie Version fades back in to an exterior shot.
The Series Version fades to black as well except it there happens at the end of the additional exterior shot. Like in the Movie Version, the Series Version then fades back in to (another) exterior shot. In other words: The versions are back in sync.

17 sec

Additional Scene
01:21:50 / 18:41

Right after the mentioned (identical) exterior shot, there is a further alteration. To be more specific, the Series Version contains an additional scene with Thomas and Carina at the station. The latter sums up the preliminary results of their investigation while Thomas seems a little distant.

108.52 sec resp. 1 min 48.52 sec

Extended Scene
01:22:58 / 21:38

Nora longer.

1.68 sec

Additional Scene
01:23:46 / 22:27

At first, an additional shot of Thomas.

Then a first shot of Henrik's parents' anniversary celebration.

14.32 sec

Additional Scene
01:23:49 / 22:45

Again, an additional shot of the celebration.

1.56 sec

Additional Scene
01:23:59 / 22:56

More footage of the anniversary.

11.76 sec

Extended Scene
01:23:59 / 23:08

Harald slightly earlier.

0.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:24:49 / 23:58

Thomas longer.

3.44 sec

Extended Scene
01:24:56 / 24:09


0.76 sec

Extended Scene
01:25:28 / 24:41

Nora way earlier.

7.64 sec

Additional Scene
01:25:30 / 24:51

Additional shot of Thomas.

4.36 sec

Extended Scene
01:25:30 / 24:55

Carina earlier.

2.28 sec

Extended Scene
01:25:55 / 25:23

Carina longer.

0.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:26:00 / 25:27

Thomas and Carina longer.

0.48 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:26:43 / 26:11

Now a longer scene at the anniversary celebration. Monika points out to Harald that she should not drink too much. Harald leaves and at the same time, Henrik shows up. Monika is not happy that Nora has just left. Henrik is upset as well because he finds out Nora lied to him.

42.04 sec

Additional Scene Movie Version
01:26:43 / 26:53

The Movie Version contains a small additional scene of Thomas and Carina ssetting food on Signe's property instead.

Movie Version 2.28 sec longer

Additional Scene Movie Version / Recut
01:26:55 / 27:03

Now the previously mentioned scene with Harald, Monika and Henrik (please see 01:26:43 / 26:11). The scene is identical in both versions (no screenshots).

Movie Version 42.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
01:28:08 / 27:34

Henrik asks Thomas about Signe. Then he asks if Nora was with Signe and Thomas explains that this is what he was trying to figure out. Henrik then says he would like to know as well.

8.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:28:41 / 28:16

Thomas and Henrik longer.

0.6 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:29:00 / 28:34

Additional shots of Thomas and Henrik in the Series Version.

12.6 sec

Additional Scene Movie Version / Recut
01:29:29 / 29:16

And now the very same shots in the Movie Version (no screenshots).

Movie Version 12.6 sec longer

Additional Scene
01:29:42 / 29:16

Additional shot on the boat.

9.44 sec

Extended Scene
01:30:28 / 30:12

Nora earlier.

1.08 sec

Additional Scene
01:33:17 / 33:02

Thomas explains they were going to find Nora. Henrik wants to know how. Thomas attempts to calm him down and repeats they were going to find her.

10.36 sec

Additional Scene
01:33:29 / 33:24

Two additional shots of Carina resp. Thomas.

2.6 sec

Additional Scene
01:33:35 / 33:33

One more additional shot.

2.72 sec

Extended Scene
01:33:50 / 33:51

Nora earlier.

2.32 sec

Extended Scene
01:34:29 / 34:33

Nora earlier. She keeps banging at the door and screams for help. Then she goes up the stairs.

4.88 sec

01:34:49 / 34:58

When the boat is gone, one gets to see Nora. A further shot of her getting back inside the lighthouse follows. Then a close-up of Signe on the ocean, followed by a distance shot of her.
The Movie Version also shows Nora when the boat is gone. Then the distance shot of Signe, followed by the close-up of her. Not until then, Nora gets back inside the lighthouse.

Basically, the shots are identical except the scene is a bit shorter in the Movie Version (no screenshots).

1.04 sec

Extended Scene
01:35:40 / 35:50

Carina slightly earlier and also longer.

3.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:35:51 / 36:04

The Movie Version shows Henrik and Thomas on the left. The Series Version starts with Thomas, then the camera pans to the right and shows both of them.

2.92 sec

Extended Scene
01:36:22 / 36:38

More footage in the Series Version - the content is basically the same though (here and there is an additional comment but that is rather irrelevant). In the Series Version, some shots are slightly longer. But really worth mentioning are just the missing intercuts to Thomas.

13.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:36:52 / 37:21

Henrik longer.

1.28 sec

Additional Scene
01:36:57 / 37:27

Additional shot of Carina.

2.88 sec

Extended Scene
01:37:18 / 37:51

The distance shot of Henrik and his parents & Thomas and Carina is longer.
In the Movie Version, Thomas simply explains that the rescue did not take place and the search got stopped.
In the Series Version, Henrik then asks what to do now and Thomas explains the search would be continued the following morning.
In the Movie Version, the last comment is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot.

7.08 sec

Additional Scene
01:37:29 / 38:09

Henrik's reaction is also different resp. a few shots are missing. In the Movie Version, he and his parents go away silently. In the Series Version, Henrik asks if Thomas thought they were about to search for a body now. Thomas apologizes and says there was nothing they could do at the moment. Then he and his parents leave.

14.84 sec

Extended Scene
01:37:49 / 38:45

Carina earlier.

0.92 sec

Extended Scene
01:37:56 / 38:52

Thomas longer before he hears the barking dog.

23.72 sec

Extended Scene
01:38:20 / 39:40

In the Series Version, it takes Thomas a little longer to realize what is really going on.

4.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:38:24 / 39:48

Thomas longer.

1.04 sec

Extended Scene
01:38:39 / 40:04


2.16 sec

Extended Scene
01:38:49 / 40:16

Now earlier.

1.44 sec

Extended Scene
01:39:07 / 40:36

Thomas and Nora longer.

1.36 sec

Extended Scene
01:39:17 / 40:47


3.72 sec

Extended Scene
01:39:20 / 40:53


4.88 sec

Additional Scene
01:39:35 / 41:14

Only the Series Version shows the rescue chopper.

14.44 sec

Additional Scene
01:39:50 / 41:43

Additional shot of Nora and Thomas.

6.52 sec

Extended Scene
01:40:31 / 42:31

Thomas longer.

1.04 sec

Additional Scene
01:41:17 / 43:19

Last but not least, there are two additional shots of Thomas.

While the Movie Version cuts from the last identical shot to the end credits, the Series Version continues with the two additional shots of Thomas. Then a black screen, followed by the end credits. And similar to the opening credits, the credits themselves are a bit different.

25 sec
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