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  • German DVD
Release: Jan 14, 2010 - Author: Bravia - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD from Paramount (BBFC PG) and the uncut German DVD from Paramount (FSK 16).

Uncut: 113:34 Min (including ending credits)
PG: 112:30 Min (including ending credits)

22 cuts = 60,16 Sec
The human sacrifice in honor of Kali Ma is heavily censored in the British version.
As the Shaman Mola Ram puts his hand on the mans chest it penetrates the chest to out the mans heart.
In the PG version this happens in the off and footage of the mans face is shown (later in the Uncut Version).
+ 0,92 Sec
- 4,28 Sec

Uncut:BBFC PG:

The healing of the wound has been removed as well. This is where the shot of the victims face should have been shown.
2,96 Sec

The lowering of the cage into the lava pit has been shortened and the bystanders' reactions have been removed.
11,72 Sec

A shot of the cage has been cut.
1,32 Sec

The chanting of the disciples of Mola Ram has been removed, as well as another shot of the cage.
4,44 Sec

More chanting. The victim as well as the heart burst into flames.
11,16 Sec

Indiana Jones blocks Shortys view (shown earlier in the PG version).
+ 4,28 Sec

The previously integrated scene is missing here in the Uncut Version.
2,60 Sec

As Jones spits the blood of Kali Ma into the gurads face, Shortys laughter has been cut.
1,20 Sec

Shorty gets whipped and Indiana Jones calls out "'Leave him alone you bastards".
6,64 Sec

Jones swallowing the blood is one shot shorter.
1,40 Sec

Willie is chained up by Indiana Jones.
2,64 Sec

Willie screams as she looks into the lava pit.
1,68 Sec

A shot of Willie is cut as she is lowered into the pit.
1,12 Sec

A shot of her in the cage has been cut.
1,96 Sec

After the enslaved children are freed the guard hits Dr. Jones who is lying on the floor.
1,24 Sec

He is hit in the stomach and Willie has to hold Shorty back so he doesn't join the fight.
5,68 Sec

Short shot of Indiana Jones about to strike with a pickax.
0,76 Sec

The guard standing on Jones ribcage has been cut.
0,68 Sec

The shot of the blood on the roll has been shortened.
0,80 Sec

The fall of Mola Ram off the cliff has been shortened. At the beginning of the fall he hits his head on the rocks.
1,00 Sec

Two frames of Indiana Jones are missing as the crocodiles attack the Shaman.
0,08 Sec

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