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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf


Censored SNES Version
Region: USA

Uncensored Version
Region: Europe

Release: Sep 11, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123
The game "Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf" was ported to numerous platforms such as Amiga, Sega Genesis, PC, and the SNES. The game was very successful and thus had several sequels such as "Jungle Strike" and "Urban Strike". You control a helicopter Special Forces Team that fights in the American war against Arabic terrorists whom you have to stop from using an atom bomb.
There were no blood effects whatsoever, yet the game still had to be censored.
The SNES Version was slightly toned down. There is an alteration of the intro sequence portraying the destiny of captives.

In the original version that was ported to the Genesis, the captured soldiers get tortured and drowned. This animation of a torturer smiling at the camera was taken out of the SNES version. Instead, the captives are now held in a cage. The terrorists' leader is no longer called "Kilbaba" but was renamed to "Mubaba". Also, he does not smack his minion in the face, the image simply fades to black. In the original version there was an animation of the cage coming down, while on the SNES you only see a still image. Plus, the general's dialog (written in red) was altered. It's not clear whether this was just a mistake resulting from a faulty translation or if there was an intention to alter the sense.

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