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Release: Nov 18, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The uncut Theatrical Version, represented by the german FSK 12-DVD by Universal has been compared to a recording of the US TV Extended Version, the first time broadcasted as "Two Night Special Event" on the TV broadcaster ABC.

The so-called extended version which was released by Universal on DVD is identical to this TV-broadcast. That means it includes all extended scenes but is also censored like the TV-Version (see below).

Before the development of the movie project "Waterworld" they were best friends, now they are seperated people: The friendship between main actor Kevin Costner & director Kevin Reynolds, who had been successfully working together on "Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves" was broken due to the almost calamitous production of the flick. With a planned budget of 100 million Dollars and the, due to disadvantageous circumstances like a several weeks enduring hurricane, expensive transportations to the water sets and much neccessary digital postprocessing of scenes, the final production costs of 175 million Dollars were far too much.

As Kevin Reynolds then presented his final, almost 3 hour long movie version the argument really started: Because of already having failed with "Wyatt Earp", a movie with a runtime also this epic Costner and the producers, who couldn't reconcile with the idea the movie could only be shown once per evening in cinemas summarily fired the director who would not accept any shorter version and cut about 3/4 of an hour of footage out of Reynolds' desired version. If the movie would have been more accepted in the original version will probably always be only speculation.

What you can say in any case though, is: The recompiled version by director Reynolds for the US TV-Premiere on the broadcaster ABC is, compared to the Theatrical Version, the far superior one. In the course of their slaughtering of this flick, the persons in charge cut scenes of any caliber: Senseful consolidations of the relationship between the Mariner and Helen respectively scenes, that lay the foundation of the friendship between the Mariner and Enola, had been removed as well as much nicer takes of scenes (e.g. swap of tracking shots with stiff takes), a few more humorous scenes, action scenes as well as countless depictions, that are not really of slight importance for the understanding of many plot elements.
A few of the gigantic plot holes and connection errors that had been occured due to the producers' editing could, for the theatrical version, be corrected through the rearranging of some or the skilled editing of other scenes. Resposible for this was Joss Whedon, dedicated "script doctor" and the maker of the TV-series "Buffy" and "Firefly". But many big mistakes were still in there, which is why Whedon to this day speaks of "one of the hardest reparations of one of the worst scripts I had ever read". Thus, a Mariner, who, at the end of the film, suddenly has a jet ski which obviously never came from anywhere and who tracks the Smoker's ship problem-freely on the to any point of the compass open sea only leaves question marks over many audiences' heads.

The US TV Extended Version is no completely finished, restored Director's Cut; you can see this from time to time when, for transitions to next scenes, Reynolds sometimes uses takes he had used before in the film. It's more like the closest version to the director's preferred one. This would, next to all the other so called Extended Versions/Directors' Cuts that are being released these days, be honored with a possible DVD-Release. Countless petitions on the internet demand this, and it wouldn't just be some extended version - it would be one of THE Directors' Cuts of all time. But just like similar arguments between director and main actor/producer team like "Judge Dredd" or "M:I-2" for example, only little hope is - unfortunately - conceived.

The runtime designations of all the described scenes refer to the theatrical version.
The rest of the runtime difference results from the PAL-NTSC differences, the partly missing credits in the Extended TV Version and the respective rounding of the runtime of single scenes to whole respectively half seconds. Scene extensions / -abbreviations of below 1 seconds were not considered due to missing relevance. Runtime of the Theatrical Version: 2:09:31 Min. (2:01:27 Min. without credits) (PAL)
Runtime of the Theatrical Cut: 2:09:31 Min. (2:01:27 Min. without credits) (NTSC)

29 Cut scenes = 1 Min. 0,5 Sec.
5 Alternative shots = No time difference
14 Sound-/Dialog censorships = No time difference
The Mariner urinates into the plastic container. The TV-Version starts the moment he zips up.
9 Sec.

The Trader curses a little more in "PortuGreek".
1,5 Sec.

Close-up of the attacker getting shot in the foot with a harpoon.
0,5 Sec.

The attacker falls down screaming; the harpoon that is plunged into his foot is shown in a close-up again.
1 Sec.

Dialog censorship: The "goddamn" has been removed from the soundtrack.
No time difference

A Smoker is being hit by the fireball on his jetski, then he falls into the water screaming.
1 Sec.

The smoker who is climbing up the ladder is being impaled with a spear.
1,5 Sec.

The arrow from the giant crossbow hits a Smoker, who is sitting on his jetski, in the upper body.
1 Sec.

An atoll inhabitant is being shot brutally.
1 Sec.

Sound censorship: The hitting sound has been removed from the sound track.
No time difference

After the throwing of the machete, the beginn of the subsequent shot, the one showing the Smoker being hit directly, not seen.
0,5 Sec.

Sound censorship: The kicking sound has been replaced by a much weakened sound.
No time difference

Deacon shoots one of the two hanged men; the other gets extremely scared. Deacon turns over to the remaining atoll inhabitant and says "You won. Start over."
4,5 Sec.

Alternative shot / Dialog censorship: The TV-Version shows Deacon's "treasurer", the Theatrical Cut shows the screaming atoll inhabitant. Also, in the TV-Version he doesn't scream, but says, in a little more calm tone "NoNoNo, you said you wasn't...", before getting shot.


Theatrical Cut:

No time difference

Alternative shot: In the TV-Version, the camera keeps the close-up while Helen drops her clothes; in the Theatrical Cut, there is a quick change to a more distant angle.


Theatrical Cut:

No time difference

The camera is going up a little more alongside Helen's naked body.
0,5 Sec.

Alternative shot: In the TV-Version, a close-up of the Mariner's face is shown while he touches Helen; in the Theatrical Cut, again, features a more distant shot.


Theatrical Cut:

No time difference
The dialog has been censored by synchronizing over the original soundtrack.

TV-Version: "Looks like slime."
Theatrical Cut: "Looks like shit."
No time difference

Cut scene / Dialog censorship by synchronizing over original soundtrack:
In the TV-Version, the final part of the take, which features the word "shit" for the second time, has been removed. The rest of the dialog has been put into the next shot, but changed. The third "shit" has been altered as well.

TV-Version: "It does look like slime. And it feels like cold slime."
Theatrical Cut: "It does look like shit. And it feels like cold shit."
0,5 Sec.

A short view of Deacon has been removed.
0,5 Sec.

Here, too.
1 Sec.

Alternative Shot: In the TV-Version, a slightly more distant shot of Deacon is shown, sitting on his chair and looking at the glass eye. Also, he shortly grabs into his empty eye socket, before throwing the eye to the other Smoker behind him. In the Theatrical Cut, there is another close-up of Deacon, fiercly looking at the glass eye; in this shot, he doesn't grab into the empty eye socket.


Theatrical Cut:

The shot in the TV-Version is a moment longer.
1 Sec.

Due to the early fade-in of the commercial, a take of Deacon saying "excellent" is missing.
1,5 Sec.

Dialog censorship: The "You son of a bitch" has been removed from the sound track.
No time difference

The Smoker at the helm of the aeroplane puts a cigarette into his mouth.
1,5 Sec.

The smoker lights the cigarette.
1,5 Sec.

Dialog censorship by synchronizing over original sound track.

TV-Version: "Oh, come on!"
Theatrical Cut: "Fuck!"
No time difference

The aerial gunner is brutally being impaled by the harpoon.
0,5 Sec.

The beginning of the take that is showing the bloody point of the harpoon standing out of the plane is missing.
1 Sec.

Here, too.
1,5 Sec.

This take begins earlier in the Theatrical Cut; the face of a dead woman is shown in a close-up, a bullet hole in the head can clearly be seen.
2,5 Sec.

A Smoker is being pulled up by the sling in a further shot.
1 Sec.

Deacon offers Enola a cigarette ("Nothin' like a good smoke when you miss your mom. Never too young to start.")
10,5 Sec.

The beginning of this take, showing Deacon say "Girl, i don't give a shit what he'd like" is missing.
3 Sec.

Alternative shot / sound censorship:
The TV-Version features a short shot of Enola here; In the Theatrical Cut, though, Deacon is shown earlier saying "...what's left of you in a goddamn jar.". The "goddamn" has been removed from the sound track in the TV-Version; here, he only says "...what's left of you in a jar."


Theatrical Cut:

No time difference

In the end, the drowned Smoker's face is shown again clearly.
2,5 Sec.

The direct impact with the jet ski has been removed.
0,5 Sec.

The Mariner crashes with the Smoker in front of the jet ski into the pillar.
0,5 Sec.

The camera goes around the ladder; the Mariner strangles the Smoker longer. Enola keeps telling from the off "He can hide in the shadow of the noon sun".
4 Sec.

Dialog censorship: The "shit" in this part has been replaced by something hardly recognizable (sounds like "jarb").
No time difference

Deacon lights a match on Enola and lights his cigarette with it.
4,5 Sec.

Dialog censorship: The "goddamn" now only misses the "god", so the sound track only has a "damn" left.
No time difference

Dialog censorship: Here, the "goddamn" has been removed completely.
No time difference

Dialog censorship by synchronizing over original sound track.

TV-Version: "You are a total slimeball."
Theatrical Cut: "You are a total freakin' retard."
No time difference

Dialog censorship: The "goddamn it!" has been removed from the sound track.
No time difference

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