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Death Note

original title: DesŻ Noto


  • Director's Cut
  • Theatrical Cut
Release: Aug 22, 2008 - Author: Jim - Translator: Jim - external link: IMDB
The time difference is 11 minutes and 14 seconds, or 674 seconds.

The versions compared here are the cinematic version, which can be found on the korean limited Collector's Edition, with the director's cut from the japanese TV broadcasting.

With "Death Note", Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi created a hit Manga which found fans all around the world. Thanks to capable scanlation groups it spread like a wildfire outside of Japan and the licenses were also sold quite well. Thus it was only a matter of time until a movie adaption was announced. On July the 17th in 2006 the first movie came to the japanese cinemas, part 2 ("The Last Name") followed in the same year and brings the story to an end.

In the story of the movie the audience follows Light Yagami, a young genius who is unsatisfied with the unreliable SYSTEM OF JUSTICE. One day he finds the notebook of a god of death, a so called Death Note. Supposedly he can kill anyone with it whose name and face he knows, if he writes the name of the person into the notebook. The persons will die, unless he clearly writes down the cause of death, because of heart failure - unstoppable. While he first thinks it's a prank, he eventually tries it and finds the note actually working. Within weeks he becomes a secret avenger who judges criminals. Humanity divides into two camps. Some render homage to the mysterious Kira, as they call him, while others fear him and disagree with the way he acts and judges.
But most of all the police is trying to hunt him down. They are being supported by L, a detective who solved uncountable crimes. And so the battle between two geniusses begins. Both have always to be one step ahead of the other. Because if Kira wins there won't be any line of defense any more. But if L wins, Light Yagami will be hanging on the gallow for sure.

While the movie only tells half of the original story (and some parts are altered or shortened), it can be said that the live action movie is an interesting adaption of the original story. Yet the manga is and stays the better version. The true mental potential of L and Light aren't really shown in the movie and thus they don't really seem like the geniusses they are, minor characters who have quite a big part in the original series are just standing in the background in a few scenes and don't say a word, thus they stay twodimensional and aren't really noticed. But from the beginning every fan could have known that it's simply impossible to squeeze such a long and complex story into two movies.
Especially Light seems to be quite stupid in the movie and is far less unscrupulous compared to the original. His course of action is also far less violent. For example: while Light has a girlfiend from the beginning of the movie (which means he had feelings for her i.e. he wanted to be together with her) he just became friends with her in the manga because he could use her for his purposes. The madness growing inside of him due to the power, which evolves more and more during the manga, is also missing almost completly.

Because of the theatrical release of the second movie in Japan, the first movie was broadcasted as a "Director's Cut" in the japanese TV. Unlike expected, this DC is shorter than the cinematic version. Often "unimportant" scenes were shortened or removed. This makes the DC a far more bumpy experience and it's adviced to watch the cinematic version. Some cuts are simply unclean and make some scenes impossible to understand (for example the scene where Light checks his hand-made security system). Also often shots were just shortened a little bit, so that the viewer wouldn't notice the cuts if he wouldn't know about them. But most of the cuts are rather ANNOYING. Thus leads to the question if this REALLY was the version the director originally wanted to create or if the only reason for the creation of the DC was to tigthen the movie.
If you have the choice, you should definitely watch the cinematic version. As far as I know the DC wasn't released on DVD until now and was only broadcasted in the japanese TV. If there is a DVD release planned for the DC, or a director's cut for the second movie "The Last Name", is unknown up until now.
The "Nippon Television Network Corporation" logo is shown longer.

1 second

The camera flies longer over Tokyo.

6 seconds

We see the place in front of a house where the Death Note lands. The camera sways higher and you see the Death Note falling down.
The director's cut starts when the Death Note is already lying on the ground.

6 seconds

The shot of the Death Note is longer. The camera zooms slowly towards it and the writing "Death Note" appears.

9 seconds

The fugitive criminal is running through the streets longer. The camera stops at a lighted board where the wanted poster of this man is hanging.

Policeman 1: "Stop!"

Pliceman 2: "You asshole! Stop!"

Criminal: "Never!"

12 seconds

You see the minister in a freeze frame, it looks like the picture of a camera. Below there is a text.

Text: "Foreign ministry, assistant director Katsuya Seta"

4 seconds

More newspaper headlines are shown.

Text: "Mysterious deaths"

1 second

There is more foam coming out of the prisoner's mouth, followed by a long shot of the cell.

4 seconds

0:07:48The reporter is reporting from a crime scene.

Reporter: Hiromichi Imai, live from Shinjuku. Three employees were killed which leaves five hostages left. We can hear the doer shout. The hostage is going on for five hours now, but there is still no sign of..."

A headlamp is turned on, something is happening at the building's door.

The DC starts just in the moment where the policemen are running to the door.

17 seconds

Almost the whole Basketball game was removed. First light makes a point, then the other team, then Light again. Between the game scene his girlfriend Shiori can be seen sitting on the tribune, following the game tensely. We also see the referee and the board of points.

The DC starts shortly before Light makes the final point.

43 seconds

Light and Shiori walk a bit longer together, also the shot of the mensa was shortened a bit.

2 seconds

The students in the mense are talking a bit more about "Kira."

Student 1: "Me too! Kira is the best!"

Student 2: "Let's investigate more about Kira!"

5 seconds

A piece of dialogue was removed, after Light said he would act exactly like Kira, if he had his powers.

Shiori: "Never. You have your own way of chaning the world with the law."

Light: "The law has it's limits."

Shiori: "Everything has."

(the DC shows a shot of Shiori here which is not included in the normal version and was not counted for the time difference)

10 seconds
(2 seconds Alternativeinstellung)

The file of a criminal is shown.

2 seconds

You see another shot on the screen. More and more files of criminals are opened whose cases were either suspended or unsolved.

Light (thinking): "Many of the criminals were never caught for some reason."

6 seconds

A dialogue between Light and Shiori was removed.

Light: "They leave us intentionally in the dark about this to prevent any stir."

Shiori: "Is this really... possible?"

Light: "I couldn't believe it either at first."

11 second

The pan shot through the pub was shortened.
The DC starts when you can already see the criminal with his buddies.

5 seconds

Another dialogue was removed.

Shiori: "Why did you go there? That was dangerous!"

Light: "Shiori, do you still think that what Kira is doing is wrong? Do you really think people like this are being punished by the law?

Light (thinking): "I won't tell her the rest. She wouldn't believe it. Nobody will ever know my secret."

28 seconds

Man sieht lšnger durch das Fenster das Death Note auf dem Schreibtisch liegen. Light macht es sich im Hintergrund auf seinem Bett bequem.

7 seconds

The Death Note manual is shown longer.

2 seconds

Again the text can is shown longer in the theatrical version.

2 seconds

The scene where the friends of the criminal, which was just killed by Light with the Death Note, realise that he's dead has been shortened.

Friend: "Just what's going on here?!"

Both shy away from the corpse and scream.

3 seconds

The zoom on the police building has been removed, just like the beginning of the conference with the policemen and the chief.

Chief: "It's impossible... we can't make a case out of this."

11 second

The conference's end was removed.

Policeman: "We with you to the end, Chief."

Chief: "I've got to talk with the commissioner."

The chief stands up, so do the other policemen and one of them bows while the chief is leaving.

13 seconds

A part of L's answer to the question if Kira has accomplices was shortened. While he answers we see the screen of a laptop.

L: "This chart shows the success rates of crimes and the number of criminals."

One of the policemen bends forward.

Policeman: "Crimes with groups are far less successful.

15 seconds

A dialogue between Light's father and a policeman was removed.

Policeman: "You don't agree?"

Light's father: "It's not about agreeing, we don't have a choice."

13 seconds

The house of the Yagami family is shown. The shot changes to Light's computer, which shows a search engine. "Kira" is entered.

Light: "Just look, Ryuuk."

13 seconds

Light's mobile phone is ringing. He takes it and you see that he got a message.

Light: "They send me something about Kira? Huh? A newsflash?"

He switches the TV on and sits down.
The DC starts again when the TV is running already. The scene of Light sitting down has been put it in the DC after Taylor was shown for the first time.

25 seconds

You see Light.

Light: "Who is that?"

4 seconds

The picture of L disappears and the normal program is running again.

3 seconds

After Light proposes to Shiori that they should go out the scene ends in the DC. In the theatrical version we also see Light leaving the picture and Shiori picking up her things and following him.

4 seconds

After L noticed that the killings were done out of school times, the scene ends in the DC. In the normal scene we see the policemen standing together.

Policeman: "College student Kira... why doesn't he kill between the lessons?"

A close-up of Light's father follows.
Scene change: you see a dish with some meat on it. A pair of chop-sticks takes a piece.

11 second

You can see the screen of Light's laptop.

Ryuuk: "Hm? The police's database?"

8 seconds

After L noticed that Kira kills can decide the time of death, the scene ends in the DC.

L: "And something else. Our information has been leaked to Kira. Three days ago we noticed he must be a student."

Policeman: "And the next day the irregularities started."

Chief: "Which means that Kira tells us he is among us."

30 seconds

You see Light and Ryuuk in the park.

Ryuuk: "Who could that be?"

2 seconds

Light stands up from the bed and opens the Death Note.

6 seconds

Again you see the Death Note's manual a bit longer than in the DC.

2 seconds

Light pauses, then writes down the name of the fugitive bankrobber who has been named in the news before into the Death Note.

7 seconds

You see the bus driving away from the bus stop, while this scene was cut off in the middle in the DC.

2 seconds

Shiori is talking to Light, after he spoke the agent behind him.

Shio: "Light, what are you doing?"

We see the bus stop a tad longer.

7 seconds

You can see the cab drive away, follow by a shot of the damaged back of the bus.
Scene change - Shiori is lying apparently in a hopsital, a nurse is pulling out the needle in her arm. Light comes into the room and sits down.

Light: "Your mother is on the way."

Shiori: "And the hostage-taker?"

Light: "Died instantly. Serves him right. The police is investigating."

Shiori: "Then we should..."

Light: "It's allright. I told the police what we saw. For you too... lie down and get some rest."

Shiori: "Promise that you never do something like that again. If something happens to you, I wouldn't know what to do."

Light: "Shiori..."

Light hugs his girlfriend.
Scene change - we see a woman reading some wedding offers. The doorbell rings and she stands up.

The DC starts again when she is already going to the door to answer it.

83 seconds

As FBI Agent Raye remembers what happened in the bus the scene was turned black and white in the DC. The last shot was removed.

2 seconds

While there is a short flashback to what happened in the Bus in the DC, there is a dialogue between Raye and his fiance in the theatrical version. While talking she walks over to him, and lies down with her head into his lap.
The DC is starting again when she is already lying there.

Fiance: "And he created them as man und woman. A man should leave father and mother and stick to a woman. And they both should become one."

Raye: "The bible..."

24 seconds

The policeman who interefered by shouting something into the conversation apologizes.

Policeman: "I'm sorry."

Then the rest of the policemen are looking at each other thoughtfully.

8 seconds

Raye enters the subway station.

14 seconds

Raye twiddles the cables of the receiver apart.

8 seconds

The shot of the text has been shortened.

1 second

Raye is writing the name of his boss.

Light: "Take your computer now. You will receive the 12 IDs of your fellow agents from your chief."

After a short shot on a sign that says that there is free wireless internet in the train, Raye takes out his laptop and opens it. Light watches.

34 seconds

As usual the manual for the Death Note can be seen longer in the theatrical version.
You see Raye in the train.

Raye: "Done."

Light: "Put the papers back in the envelope and place it on the rack."

Raye closes the laptop again.
The DC is starting again when Raye is already placing the envelope on the rack.

26 seconds

The camera drives around Raye.

7 seconds

The leaving subway can be seen longer.

1 second

The dying-scene of the first agent was cut short.

4 seconds

The beginning of the third agent's dying-scene was removed.
The DC starts again when he is already kneeing on the street.

3 seconds

The end of agent 3's dying-scene was removed. The man is falling to the ground.

1 second

Agent 4 goes down and twitches for a moment.

2 seconds

The freeze-frame of Raye, who is looking at Light while he is dying, was shortened in the DC.

1 second

The shot of the police report was removed.

3 seconds

You see a few policemen sitting on a desk after the chief held his speech.

2 seconds

While there is a soft transition in the DC, there were originally far more policemen coming out of the hall. The shot of the chief was also shortened.

9 seconds

One sentence of the chief was removed.

Chief: "Then we can fight side by side."

7 seconds

You see Watari and the policemen entering the hotel.

10 seconds

The shot of the door has been shortened.

1 second

The end of the dialogue between Raye's fiance Naomi and the busdriver was removed.

Busdriver: "Maybe he didn't want to have anything to do with it."

The busdriver hands Naomi the photo of her and Raye back, walks around her and points to the damaged window.

Busdriver: "Here."

But Naomi just stares into nothing, lost in her thoughts.

18 seconds

The policemen are shown longer.

5 seconds

The shot of Shiroi and Naomi in the park was shortened.

1 second

The short of Light while he's reading a book has been shortened.

1 second

The flashback of Light, as he installs his "burglary prevention device" and how it got damaged by opening the door was removed.

16 seconds

The flowers are shown longer.

1 second

The shot of L has been shortened.

1 second

The shot of the miniature tv inside of the potatoe chips bag has been shortened.

1 second

The cameras drives from the table to the chief's face.
The DC starts again in the moment the camera drives away from the chief to the other policemen.

5 seconds

The camera drives from the policemen to L.
In the DC the scene goes until you see all of the policemen, then the picture changes suddenly to L.

10 seconds

The shot of Naomi was shortened.

1 second

The shot on the camera screens has been shortened.

1 second

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