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2.03 Fight For Their Rights


  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Sep 19, 2015 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
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Removed Scene

After the girl at the Union Bar gave Chris her number and left, we see Gene in the International Version.
In the UK Version, two of the students are talking to Chris about animal cruelty.
One of the students asks Chris: "What position do you take on animal cruelty?"
Chris: "I'm against it. I think it's wrong. Well, like them PG Tips ads. Some of them monkeys in dresses are actually blokes. Well, not blokes. Male monkeys. In dresses. It's not natural."
With the shot of Gene, the versions are back in sync.

18.84 sec

Removed Scene

After Gene's conversation with Mac, the International Version continues with a shot of Gene.
The UK Version however contains a shot of Alex. She is still talking to Adrian Mansfield.
Alex: "There's a man in jail who knows what your target was today."
Adrian: "What?"
Alex: "Robin gave you this book, didn't he?"
Adrian: "Who's Robin? You’re off your head. Interview paused. I need to go to the toilet."
With the shot of Gene in the hallway resp. on his way to Adrian in order to talk to him one more time, the versions are back in sync.

15.16 sec

Removed Scene

In the International Version, Gene squashes Adrian's hand in the locker. Then Alex comes running in the hallway.
In the UK Version, Gene gets to kick Adrian's ass longer before he gets disturbed by Alex. After squashing his hand in the locker, Gene grabs Adrian and pushes him against the locker.
Adrian: "OK, OK. I'll tell you. I'll tell you. (small pause) There's thousands of us. A whole army. So you can keep me in here, you can batter me, but what you gonna do tomorrow?"
Gene laughs, then he pushes him around one last time before Alex comes running in the hallway.

30.92 sec

Removed Scene

When Gene has sent Alex home, the versions continue differently.
In the International Version, we see Alex in front of the TV.
The UK Version shows Shaz on the phone. She then hangs up and runs after Alex.
Shaz: "Ma'am? Prison governor called for you.Robin Elliot's still alive, but they've moved him to the prison hospital. They're giving fluids, but he won't be well enough to talk to anyone till tomorrow."
Alex: "Right. Night, Shaz."
Shaz: "Night, ma'am."
When Alex is leaving, Shaz says: "Hope you get some sleep."
Then Shaz goes back inside. Now, we see Alex in front of the TV.

21.24 sec

Removed Scene

After Alex's "Is anybody out there?", the International Version continues at the prison hospital.
In the UK Version, the scene is not over yet. Alex keeps zapping. All of a sudden, the lights go off. Then the TV. She goes closer to the TV and says "Molly". She turns around and sees Molly in the kitchen. Alex gets up, comes closer, says Molly's name. At that point, Molly turns to Alex and laughs at her.
While approaching Molly, Alex says: "Molly, you didn't disappear when I looked at you."
Molly then turns away and goes on brushing her teeth.
Alex keeps talking to her: "Or maybe that means somebody's fighting for me. Maybe that… maybe that means I'm closer to death. You're bleeding. You're brushing too hard, Mols."
While Molly is spitting blood, Alex says "Mols" one more time. Suddenly, she sees Elliot standing in front of the sink. Blood is leaking out of his mouth. Alex turns around for a brief moment and when she turns back to Elliot, nobody is there. Alex looks around, then the versions are back in sync.

61.96 sec

Removed Scene

Only the UK Version contains a preview of the next episode between the end credits and the logos. (no screenshots)

49.28 sec
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