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Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom


Original Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version

Release: Oct 08, 2015 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Mr Miau
A by now well-aged saying states that whenever a new "Wing Commander" game appears it is time to get a new PC. All of the 5 parts set new standards: Part 2 had remarkable sound effects and was one more reason to buy a soundcard when it was released. Part 3 was one of the first games to support the Pentium CPU and Part 4 recommended a Pentium 133 with 16 MB RAM, which was considered High-End at that time (some magazines even recommended unbelievable 32MB!). Part 5 then was one of the first games which required a 3D Accelerator.

Especially part 3 and 4, but also part 5 contained high-quality cutscenes featuring known actors and professional editing. The thrilling story could thus be improved further.

When Origin was on the decline and the "Interactive Moive" genre was generally dying out, the Wing Commander series ended as well. For fans today only the memory of this detailed Science-Fiction world remains.

The fourth part of the series was censored in one video scene. However, the uncensored scene can be found on the CD and can be watched with a normal media player. This is the same for every version of the game worldwide. It probably was just too brutal for the game or can be seen as an outtake.
On the second of the six game CDs the bad character "Seether" cuts the throat of an - also malevolent - officer. Two versions were filmed of that scene and both can be found on the CD. The game, however, only shows the censored version.

The two takes do not only differ at the explicit moment but are differently cut and also show alternative footage. The content, however, is of course identical.

The bigggest difference of course is the cutting of the throat. In the censored version the head of the officer can hardly be seen and the throat is not in the picture at all. The camera is also further away.

The uncensored version, however, shows the officers face in a close-up. Then, Seether grabs the head from behind, holds it and cuts the throat. The camera stays fixed during all that.

Uncensored Version:

Censored Version:

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