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Censored Version
Rating: CERO 18
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK 18
Region: Germany

Release: Oct 17, 2014 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: DaxRider123

In Japan, the people are only able to buy a censored version of Grand Theft Auto 5. The censoring is not too surprising. There are three sequences, where genitals, respective sex scenes were censored. However, this was not done all too skillful. Additionally, the violence during a torture scene was censored. Even though Hentai is a part of the land of the rising sun's pop culture, and violence is celebrated in movies and animes, video games seem to get censored rather often. Grand Theft Auto 5 is thus not a singular case. Other games like Resident Evil 4 had to be censored when it came to violence and sexual references.
The gameplay itself stays the same, thus the censorship keeps within reasonable limits.
1. Censored Sex and Nudity

1. Trevor Exposes his Penis

In this scene Trevor pulls his pants down out of nowhere. In the Japanese Version, the scene makes much less sense, since both animation and dialog were not changed,

Uncensored VersionJapanese Version

2. Trevor has Sex with a Woman

In the uncensored version, Trevor has his way with the girlfriend of Johnny Klebitz (of "The Lost and Damned" fame). In Japan, you do not see the sexual act; instead, Trevor does a parachute jump.

Uncensored VersionJapanese Version

3. Franklin the Paparazzo

Franklin has to take pictures of a female teenie star. While she in the uncensored version is busy ruining her scandal-free image by having outdoor sex, she does something much worse in the Japanese Version... she smokes a cigarette!

Uncensored VersionJapanese Version

2. Censored Torture

In the uncensored version, the player is able to torture a character to get some information out of him. The Japanese Version always stops before the actual torture and continues with the dialog. The following images show the scenes that are not included in the Japanese Version. (The images were brightened up.)

1. Hit with a Pipe Wrench

In the uncensored version, Trevor hits the guy in the crotch with a pipe wrench.

2. Electric Torture

In Japan, the electric torture was taken out.

3. Waterboarding

Also, waterboarding...

4. Drawing Teeth

... and Trevor's attempts to become a dentist seemed out of the question.

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