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  • German FSK 16 Version
  • PG-13 Version (Director's Cut)
Release: Nov 04, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German FSK 16 VHS by Empire and the PG-13 DVD by New Line Home Entertainment (Director's Cut).

21 cuts = 4 minutes and 4 seconds.

"The Guyver" originally was an '80s anime series, produced in Japan. Due to the great success, also in the USA, it was decided to turn the series into an American live action movie, which resulted in a mix of action, science fiction and trash with some decent effects, created by FX artist "Screaming Mad George", who was also responsible for the direction, together with Steve Wang. This was the first and also the last movie that was directed by Mad George, while Steve Wang came back to the director's chair a few years later for the sequel "Guyver - Dark Hero". By the way, the movie was produced by Brian Yuzna (Return of the living Dead 3 / Bride of Re-Animator).

Regarding the releases, it seems that a completely uncut version is hard to get, because the only versions available in the USA, as well as in the UK and Germany, are cut versions.
Some story scenes in the first half of the movie were shortened in the German FSK 16 version. But this is actually not that unfortunate, because mostly it's just some shots that were cut by a few seconds. Hardly any of them was cut by more than 10 seconds. What's more important is that all of the few bloody effects still remained in the movie. These effects had to be cut in the US version, called "Director's Cut", in order to get a PG-13 rating, but the story scenes which are missing in the German version are contained in there. The British BBFC 15 VHS also lacks these story scenes, just like the German version, but it's not completely clear whether additional cuts were made or not; there's no entry in the BBFC database.
0 Min.
Only the PG-13 version has a text display at the beginning. A narrator is speaking.
59 sec.

5 Min.
The titles differ in the two versions: PG-13: Guyver / FSK 16: Mutronics.
No difference in running time

11 Min.
Sean is longer sitting on his scooter; then he starts it.
3.5 sec.

11 Min.
The skyscraper is shown longer. The ensuing tracking shot through the office was shortened a little bit.
5 sec.

11 Min.
Two seconds are missing when the camera moves through the office towards Quinton.
2 sec.

13 Min.
The bird's-eye shot on the cordoned-off scene of the crime is longer. The next shot of Sean, cruising on his scooter, was shortened.
13.5 sec

14 Min.
Sean is longer shown standing at the fence and watching the scene of the crime, where a body is just being brought away.
3 sec.

14 Min.
The body is put in the back of the car while Sean watches the whole scene from up at the fence.
12 sec.

14 Min.
Max and Mizky are shown longer.
2.5 sec

14 Min.
The end of this shot and the beginning of the next one of Max and Mizky were shortened.
5 sec

16 Min.
Conversation between Max and Mizky; then Sean climbs down from the fence.
17 sec.

16 Min.
The picture fades away when Sean is walking out of the picture and fades in again with Max.
1.5 sec.

18 Min.
Longer shot of Sean, who is standing at the door and talking to Mizky.
8 sec.

18 Min.
Mizky closes the door after Sean has left. Then we see Sean walking to his scooter and driving away.
17 sec.

19 Min.
The shot of Lisker fades away and then Sean is shown on his scooter.
1.5 sec.

21 Min.
Sean is longer shown surrounded by thugs. He makes some karate moves to intimidate the others. They make fun of him and do the same as he did. Sean is obviously scared by that and the leader of the thugs says that he can't scare them, because he has seen him fight; then he starts laughing. Both versions are identical again when Sean punches him in the face.
15 sec.

26 Min.
The shot of Sean, after he has turned back into his human form, fades away and the next scene starts.
2 sec.

30 Min.
The scene of Sean and Mizky sitting on the couch and talking is longer. Mizky says in tears that she doesn't feel anything and that she can't even scream. Sean puts his hand on her arm and she adds that she's feeling lonely. They look each other in the eyes and Sean comes closer to her. But before their mouths meet, they are disturbed by a knock on the door. Mizky says that this is Justin and that she has forgotten that he wanted to stop by.
37 sec.

32 Min.
The scene of Lisker sitting in the car with his lover and talking about unimportant stuff is completely missing.
33 sec.

36 Min.
The scene with the director fades away and the next scene starts.
2 sec.

38 Min.
The leader of the Zoanoids says that they're going shopping now; then he walks out of the picture.
3 sec.

55 Min.
The shot of Mizky is longer as she's walking to the elevator with Quinton.
1.5 sec.

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