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  • US DVD (Criterion)
  • German TV Version
Release: Mar 09, 2013 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
A German TV-broadcast from 11.27.2010 (German TV) was compared to the cut US-DVD by Criterion. (First edition)

The first edition Criterion DVD is missing one short scene, which, according to imdb, is missing in every US version up until now and was only contained in the European versions. The scene in which the roommaid bends over was apparently too hot for American audiences back then. For the second edition of the Criterion DVD this scene was restored. (Verified by user Frankie)

The German TV-version, which is probably identical to all previous TV broadcasts, was uncut. The different runtimes result from the differing credit sequences.


TV-Version: 90:53 min. (PAL)
Criterion's DVD: 95:24 Min. (NTSC)

The runtimes aren't directly comparable since the German version has a different credit sequence.

The house maid goes to the closet and then bends down to get the hatbox from under the bed.

7 sec.
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