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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Sep 08, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the theatrical version and the unrated version (both represented through the US DVDs by Lions Gate).

- Theatrical version: 93:42 min with credits in NTSC
- Unrated version: 93:51 min with credits in NTSC

8 changes, in detail
* 6x alternative material
* 1 „theatrical version only“ extended scene
* 1 audio track censorship

Difference: 8,7 sec

The cult comedy Waiting..., which partially might remind the viewer of Clerks and deals with the tough daily routine of a group of waiters has been released on DVD in two versions. Whereas the sequel Still Waiting... only delivers "tit shots" its predecessor grants its audience with two instances of full frontal nudity - both of whom had to be toned down in order to receive an R rating by the MPAA. Some other plot extensions are intentional changes made by the filmmakers who were not totally satisfied with the theatrical cut.
The filmmakers talk about that in the two-hour commentary version of Waiting... (they constantly freeze the movie and paint around on the frame to point out what they are talking about). This version comes on the bonus disc of the US 2-Disc Special Edition which also contains a feature lenght making of documentary - any fan of the movie should choose this beautiful release.

Time specifications are ordered like this:
Theatrical version in NTSC / Unrated version in NTSC
Alternative material
32:10-32:11 / 32:10-32:18

Before Calvin talks about is restroom phobia in the kitchen we see a bit more of Mitch (John Francis Daley) following Monty (Ryan Reynolds) in the theatrical version..

However the unrated version shows Dean (Justin Long) talking to the pissed of redneck.

Dean: "All right. How you guys doin'? Everything prepared okay?"
Redneck: "Could be better. It'll do."
Dean: "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it better?"
Redneck: "Yeah, get me an extra roll. And bring me the check."
Dean, with a forced smile: "Sure. No problem."

Unrated is 17,2 sec longer

Alternative material
69:35-69:38 / 69:52-69:55

The unrated version shows a juicier shot of Raddimus' (Luis Guzmán) lower half of the body (or his body double).

Theatrical version: We only see his testicles swing a bit.
Unrated version: He makes them shake wilder using his hand.

The following shot of Raddimus laughing is a different one because of continuity.

no time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Alternative material
70:27-70:29 / 70:44-70:46

As Naomi (or rather her body double) shows her private parts out of revenge the theatrical version has been reframed so the controversial area wouldn't be as centered as it is in the unrated version.
Aside from that the shot is 0,3 sec longer in the unrated version but earlier on the theatrical version has an extended shot of Naomi in exchange.

no time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Alternative material
70:35-70:37 / 70:52-70:54

The theatrical cut extends the shot through her legs for 0,3 sec. In exchange the unrated version shows more material (and is eventually 0,8 sec longer) of Naomi reaching for the crumbs in her pubic hair.
Again, in this shot the unrated version is framed differently so the private parts are more centered.

Following this the theatrical version starts the next shot of Naomi about 0,5 sec earlier which fixes the time difference.

no time difference

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Alternative material
77:04-77:07 / 77:21-77:28

The theatrical version contains two Jump Cuts right or a better way to put might be that the editing is rather poor when Calvin stands around, shocked by the call of his love interest.

In the unrated version both said shots are longer and he explains to Serena (Anna Faris):
"That's why she wanted me to cover her shift. She's- She's still with him."

The Jump Cuts appear as well but not as close together and confusing as in the theatrical version. The commentary track on the bonus disc uncovers that the filmmakers tried to fix it by recutting this scene (yet they still are not totally satisfied with the result).

Unrated is 3,7 sec longer

Alternative material
82:00-82:05 / 82:21-82:23

Only the theatrical version shows Dean (Justin Long) saying "I need a second chance".
Then both versions show a "No" by Amy but the takes are different ones.

The filmmakers comment on this: Dean has no reason asking for a „second chance“ and there's no sideplot referring to this, respectively. So this phrase by Dean has always been a thorn in their sides.

Theatrical version is 3 sec longer

Theatrical versionUnrated version

Additional material in theatrical version
85:29-85:38 / 85:47

When Mitch goes postal and tells everyone what he thinks of them the unrated version missed how he kind of compliments Amy.
Presumably because this kind of slows down his rather angry words.

Mitch: "Oh, and you, whining all goddamn day about Dean... You're hot! Quit acting so fucking pathetic!"

+ 9,2 sec

Audio track censorship
89:55-92:45 / 90:04-92:54

The whole funny rap video of Andy Milonakis aka "Nick" (together with T-Dog) has been censored in the theatrical version in some places.
In regard of the dirty language which is still present throughtout the movie and also in the song this censorship must be some kind of parody of the censorship frequently done in American music videos.
All words who are bold have been reversed or distorted in some way.

"When you're struggling
Livin' off Ramen noodles
I'm in my Lexus
Finger-bangin' poodles
You call me a busboy
I'll bust you three times
Slice you three times
Slice you three limes
And make you squeeze 'em
on your own cuts
And, bitch, you best give thanks
before you eat my nuts"

"Yeah, who's that motherfucker
throwing pot in the brownies
These bitches used to clown me
Now they surround me
My mom tries to ground me
I'm gonna slap her
I'll fuckin' cap her
Don't she know I'm a rapper?"

"I don't care about love
Fuck amore
Fuck the dumb whore-ay
All day
And then suck my dick
all in its glory
Swallow my nut
This shit is gourmet
I'm hor-nay but you
fuckin' sluts bore me
So fuck you, bitch
I'll fuck your mama
Then I'll kill your papa
to top the drama
Then I'll rape a llama
to top that drama
I'll eat that pussy
like Jeffrey Dahmer"

"I got a gat in my hand
A pound in my tighty-whities
A hit on my shit
will make your eyes Chinese
My wallets are thick
and here's the thing, you dumb bitch
Even my come's rich
You fuckin' retard
I'll pull your fuckin' card
You ready, willin' and able
You call me fuckin' fake
just because I bus tables
Fuck you
I'll fuck your navel
Real thugs pop guns
You steal cable"

"I got more bush than High Times
More rhymes than LeAnn
Pull out my glock
Now you pee in your pants
It's your last chance, I'll cut your retinas
It's your last glance"

"Yo, bitch,
you're fucking worthless
And if you backstab me
I'll show you what a hearse is
You can't be fixed
by a hundred surgeons
I'll pull out my heater
and boom, bye-bye
Even when you're dead
I'm bustin' nuts in your eye"

"Sin, sin, sin
I'll stick a dildo in
While I'm hidin' in
the Shenaniganz' garbage bin
And with the other hand
I'll doodle on some napkins
Fuck you with a loaf of bread
and make you cheat on Atkin's"

- Both laughing;
"Ah, yeah."
"Oh, motherfucker..."

"I work at Shenaniganz
But blow me 'cause I'm an OG
So get the fuck out my dome
before I split yours
I used to have spit wars
and now I split whores in two
I am the walrus

"So back up, sonny"

"We got mad honeys"

"We make much money"

"And don't you dare laugh
'Cause this shit ain't funny"

"Squeeze the trigger
Now your head's all bloody"

"We got new rides"

"Now we'll flip the switches

"No more dirty dishes"

"I'll steal people's wishes"

"And clock mad digits"

"Pump on a blot
and have sex with hot midgets"

"I love when your cunt
is balder than Bruce Willis"

"Nick and T-dog, motherfucker
We the illest!"

"Peace out,
bitch-ass motherfuckers."

"Get the fuck out
of my fuckin' face!"

(Crab man-Echo)
"Get the fuck out of my fuckin' face."

"Bitch-ass motherfuckers."

no time difference
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