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Dredd - Don't Expect a Longer Version Later On

Scribe Says the Theatrical Version Contains It All

When a remake or reboot is announced, it's wise to lower your expectations since they mostly don't reach the quality of the films they succeed. This is often accompanied by a lack of understanding or even outright anger by the film community that doesn't like the plans of the industry to renew films that fans grew to love over the years (just think about the shitstorm surrounding the new Total Recall or the upcoming Robocop reboot). Accordingly, some scepticism came in handy when a reboot of Stallone's Judge Dredd appeared. It is simply called Dredd.

Even though the first trailer put the focus on splattery violence and provoked associations with Punisher: War Zone, the critics were surprisingly positive. However, it's doubtful that it will find enough appreciation in cinemas where it currently runs. The box office numbers don't look too good.

Scribe Alex Garland talked to Collider and shared some info about Dredd. According to him, the chances aren't too good that there will be a longer version on DVD/BD:

We had a ninety-seven minute assembly cut, all right? We could not delete any scenes. One of the real challenges in the edit was how to do a proper job editing the movie, whilst not really letting anything hit the cutting room floor. So that’s why scenes were repurposed, and shots were repurposed, and sometimes flopped and flipped, and played backwards or re-sped and put in different places. So, I don’t think there will be another cut of the movie. This is it. In fact, in the end we did re-shoots because we needed, we kind of needed some more material, so we did some re-shoots like a year later. And that helped us turn a corner in the edit, I think.

Release: Oct 08, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Collider

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