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Ted - Extended Edition for Home Video Releases

Seth MacFarlane's Comedy Gets Longer Cut

Family Guy mastermind Seth MacFarlane's first feature film Ted was one of the huge successes this summer and managed to make more than 400 million $ at the worldwide box office.

There are mostly three reasons why the DVD/Blu-ray gets an extended version of a film after it was shown theatrically. A) the director felt the need to improve the film, B) the film tanked at the box office and the extended version is supposed to attract more customers in order to increase the profit, C) the film was a hit at the box office and the extended version is supposed to attract more customers in order to increase the profit. With Ted, it's surely reason C.

While the US releases do not yet reveal if they have the longer version on board, it is very likely, though. The UK have more information already. The British customers will be able to get their hands on the Extended Edition beginning November 26th, 2012.

You can order it here.

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