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Star Trek NG: Season 2 with extended episode

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Even though Paramount has to battle some problems with the English sound-track of the recently released first season of Star Trek - The Next Generation, fans can be happy about a lot of other positive news. For example, the sampling and digital revision of the previously quite bad effects were done very well.

As TrekCore and TrekZone Network report, a true highlight for fans will be included in the 2nd season of the series, which will be available on Blu-ray later this year. In the last months, there were some reports about a rough cut of the episode "The Measure of a Man", which is one of the best entries of the series. Its author kept this longer version of the episode on VHS all these years. Fortunately, and according to longtime Star Trek-employee Mike Okuda quite a lucky strike, the filmed material could be found as well. Normally, unused footage was destroyed.

After a lot of speculation and negotiations, Mike and Denise Okuda could officially announce on a Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas that said episode will be included as an Extended Cut in the upcoming Blu-ray box of season 2. The footage will be wholly sampled in HD and the additional scenes will get new visual effects. The original cut of the episode, as it was shown on TV, will be included, as well.

According to Mike Okuda, the extended episode contains more character development and more emotions, helping to understand the motivations of the persons involved. That should let fans look forward to seeing the new Extended Cut of the episode.

Release: Aug 14, 2012 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: TrekCore

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