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Lockout is censored in the US

Action film with Guy Pearce altered for PG-13


It has quite some tradition that some of writer/producer Luc Besson's movies get censored for a more profitable PG-13 rating. In the past, the films The Transporter, Taken or last year's Colombiana were victims of this strategy. Now, Besson's newest production Lockout starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace shares the fate of the other movies. Several reviews already mentioned that the American theatrical version was watered-down in terms of violence and language.



Some of our readers could deliver proof for this. For example, the US version misses the following scene, which can be seen in an official, 5-minute-long clip that was released on the internet for marketing purposes.



We could verify that this scene is indeed included in the German theatrical version what makes the conclusion likely that other audiences apart from the US get to see the uncensored French original cut of the movie. It is also very likely that the US will get this version of Lockout later on DVD/BD as an unrated release. We'll observe what happens further.

Release: May 12, 2012 - Author: Rüdiger - Translator: Mike Lowrey

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