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Prometheus is rated R

Ridley Scott's film has its MPAA rating

In the last couple of months no film has created so much hype as did Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi epic Prometheus.

The film takes place in the same universe as Scott's Alien franchise. Those four films were all directed at an adult public which is why it was a major question what rating Prometheus would get. Would it be an R rating that continues the tradition of its predecessors or would it be a PG-13 that's possibly watered-down and maybe even censored? Director Scott at least said that he'd like to have an "R" and even though a PG-13 would mean bigger box office for the label, it assured fans that it would accept any rating the MPAA gave the film, be it PG-13 or R.

Now, we finally got the result of the ratings board and Collider reports that fans and Scott himself can rejoice since Prometheus got rated "R" (for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language). With this, all doubts should be cleared up and fans don't have to boycot theaters.



Release: May 09, 2012 - Author: Erik - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Collider

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