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Stormhouse only cut on DVD in the UK

1 second had to be removed for BBFC 15 rating

It's no big secret that film labels choose the option to cut scenes in order to obtain a lower rating for some of their releases. British distributors follow this strategy as well. The newest example for that is the British horror film Stormhouse that is scheduled for a DVD release on July 9th, 2012.

Because High Fliers Films wanted a BBFC 15 rating for the DVD, they had to censor the film since the BBFC only granted an "18" classification for the uncut version.

Oddly enough, only one single cut had to be made in order to ensure that Stormhouse is suitable for minors. The scene itself contains a curse word and has a runtime of just 1 second.

The company chose to remove a crude and aggressive use of very strong language in order to obtain a '15' classification. Cuts made in accordance with the BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut '18' classification was available.

An uncut DVD is not announced for the UK.


Release: Apr 29, 2012 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Glogcke - Source: BBFC

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