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Expendables 2 - R-Rated after all?

Does Sly accuse himself of spreading rumors?

We wanted to wait until something more solid surfaces but that didn't come. 3 days ago, the #1 Fansite of Sylvester Stallone in the World! posted a short statement by Sylvester Stallone regarding Expendables 2.

Fansite: Just received word from Sly today… and I quote

  • “After taking in all the odd rumors and hearsay, EXPENDABLES II is an R.”

That’s right, SZoners.  Sly says that Expendables II will be rated R. 

Odd rumors and hearsay?

After Chuck Norris spread the rumor that Expendables 2 would be PG-13, Stallone himself verified that information to AICN. Does he call his very own confirmation a rumor?

Stallone back in January: The PG13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement,  trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and  delivers on every level.

Either he tries to make up for the mess he created and to calm down the fans or the PG-13 stays and the story of his biggest fan site is a hoax.

Like we said: we wanted to wait until there's clarity here. We don't have personal contact to Stallone but bigger sites that normally would haven't reported otherwise. Everybody brings that news, solely based on the fansite as the source. After 3 days, we didn't want to put it on hold for our readers that didn't catch this on other sites already.

The rating of The Expendables 2 stays a mystery nonetheless and what really goes on in Sylvester Stallone's head does so, too. Combined with the discussion about Bullet to the Head, it's safe to say that he's got a difficult time in the media at the moment.

Release: Mar 21, 2012 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Stallonezone

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