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Human Centipede II censored in the USA

US Version apparently cut in one Scene

After the BBFC only gave a 18 rating for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) in a heavily censored version, there seem to be bad news for the USA too.

According to current information IFC Films, who will be distributing the movie in the USA, decided to cut The Human Centipede II for the US release.


For the American release of the film Mr. Six has made concessions, removing a scene in which Martin wraps his penis in barbed wire before raping a woman at the end of the centipede.


A statement about this decision by IFC Films:

We really worked with Tom to come up with what we felt would be the most commercial version of the movie. Did I think it was necessary, or did we think it was necessary to tell the story? No.

So The Human Centipede II will be the second recent horror film after A Serbian Film which has to be censored for the US release.

The film will be released uncut in Australia soon.
Release: Oct 16, 2011 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Sebbe - Source: NYTimes

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